Tuesday, 28 April 2015

On Keep Going On: Andrew II

Hey all!

A little update about what's happening between D dan Drew now.

Well, as I told you guys earlier, they're looking forward to having a serious relationship and legalize it into a marriage.

The other day, D and I made an arrangement to meet up for a movie and dinner, and later on he would be staying at my place. So we met and had a lot of things to talk about. It's so comfortable to have someone that you can talk about almost everything.

We couldn't manage to get the ticket for Fast to Furious 7 as it would only be started at 11 p.m. so we went to Starbucks for another chit-chatting session. Me as always had my Mocha Frappucino.

D told me that Drew was so mean. I asked him why, and he said, "I stayed up till 2 a.m. in the morning just to have a conversation with him afterwork. When I say hello to him, he said that he was too tired to have that." I was like, "What? I think you have to keep in mind that he is an almost 50 years old guy. Bear with him duh." And we laughed hard.

Therefore, I told Drew about that and he simply replied, "A little drama over there..." hahaha

And we went back home.

At home, Drew called him for about two minutes (OMG, how could I be that precise!) and he somehow started to play with my hair while talking to Drew. And after finished the conversation he asked me, "Are you okay R?" And I could only laugh.

Then Drew texted him something like this, "It's kind of weird that you guys talked about me, and you like me, and yet you guys sleep together." And he finished with this, "I'm not judging..." hahaha

Well, here's the arrangement. Drew told D clearly before that while he's in Malaysia he's free and single. He can do whatever he wants. And that confuses us a little bit. Whatever. 

D was a bit freaking out and mumbling things. And we still slept next to each other. 


P/s: Talk about *sakitnya-tuh-disini*... At this point, I am no longer into a cheap thrill. I think I need an emotional fulfilment. 


  1. nape tak cari jejaka malaysia je awak??

  2. Gibb, u lah contoh jejaka malaya yang i adore. tapi u jual mahal sangat. macamana i nak berteman dengan jejaka melayu. ahahaha

  3. tq sbb adore kat i, tapi i takde bende yang special pada diri i.
    everytime i look at myself throught the mirror, i will ask myself, "why people still didnt see the real me?"

  4. gitulah ayat orang2 istimewa ahaaa, humble mumble :P

  5. bukan humble, tapi itulah realiti... aku tiada yang istimewa...