Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Agony

Dear F,

As last night we're in the car, I couldn't stand any longer from keeping this particular 'secret' that I've been hiding for quite some time. A secret, something that I don't normally have - when it comes to dealing with you.

So that I threw everything before you. For a clear reason. I felt GUILTY.

I thought it was the right time, assuming that you had already moved on your life from the unfortunate occasion. But it turned out sour and I could understand the disappointment.

However, I don't know in what manners the explanation were given and how many information were correctly stated, and since it's admitted that the chronology was not well-understood, it wouldn't be a surprise then when it turned out to be a catastrophe. I wonder how the contexts were explained - till they were misinterpreted big time.

Then nah, calling out the other - and it happened to be me, as the factor of this upset-turned-into-disappoinment-into-sour-grapes saga is unheard of. Everyone is aware of their situation and status, and should understand and act accordingly. Even if HE wants to do things behind your back, then what's wrong with that? The world knows his status.

And because of our mutual understanding, we agreed to revise the direction of the situation. It's called RESPECT.


You knew since the day one how supportive I had been towards you guys to be together - and had it been a successful one, I would've never dare to even recall this issue. Ever.

The consequences is that the other person will likely be thinking that I am the instigator. Or I'm the masterpiece behind this conspiracy. Well, nonetheless I've got a new name anyway, ASSASSIN CHARACTER. Fortunate enough, that THIS assassin is already dead. So, be happy.

At this point, as if I were him - I would've been thinking the same way.

My apologies from the bottom of my heart for the damage caused by me. Knowing you both has been one of the best things ever happened in my life. To be called out this way by two of my fav people is unbearable.